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    • [草木(MV) / 長谷川白紙]

      Soumoku (MV) By Hakushi Hasegawa
      Taken from his 1st Debut EP" Soumoku Houdou"
      Directed + edited by art angels(Narco+Rintaro Unno)
      Performer Naoyuki Sakai Yu Ishizuka

    • [Wolfunkadellic / Osamu Sato]

      MV from The Album "All Things Must be Equal" / Osamu Sato
      Director : Ichiro Tanida

    • [playlist: Japnesque Oversea]

      Bug Hype / DJ MIKU(6:14)
      Owari no kisetsu / Rei Harakami(3:29)
      Acid line /DJ MIKU(7:51)
      DJ MIKU / Junk Sword(6:28)
      Ken Ishii / Future Is What We Are(5:05)
      Senaka / Asa-chamg & Junray feat, Kyoko Koizumi(7:39)
      Hana / Asa chang & Junray(6:59)
      Wolfunkadelic / Osamu Sato(5:39)